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Virtualisation is now a key technology which has many advantages over systems operating in a physical environment. Running many servers and applications on one platform reduces hardware cost and improved energy efficiency. On larger SAN Storage based solutions customers can take advantage of enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery.

As VMware Enterprise Partners we can offer advice and deliver complex virtualisation projects. We also upgrade and support existing platforms, giving our customers the confidence that their IT infrastructure will deliver excellent performance and return on investment. We have many examples of migrating Mid-market and Enterprise customers from sprawling server estates to highly consolidated, converged platforms offering high performance but reduced infrastructure and power savings.

To retain our status as a VMware Enterprise Partner, Beovax are committed to retain a number of VMware Certified Professionals (VCP's) along with VMware Sales Professionals. Our credentials and expertise conveys confidence to our customers that Beovax can deliver regardless of scale or complexity.

Beovax offers comprehensive support contracts which reflect the customer’s specific requirements alongside mandatory VMware maintenance. When problems occurs we will intervene remotely and if required interface directly with VMware on behalf of the customer. 



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