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Support Services

Beovax offers a comprehensive portfolio of support services to ensure stability, reliability and maximum return on investment.
We can maintain complex leading-edge systems from Mid-size to the Enterprise. Our engineers are fully trained to ensure we have the expertise to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently.

Broadly speaking we divide support into two groups; software and hardware.
Software encompasses Windows operating systems, services and applications. Hardware encompasses servers, storage, workstations, switches, printers and other physical devices. To provide efficient and prompt rectification of faulty hardware, we generally retain a spare replacement unit in our warehouse. In the event of a critical or complex problem we can replace the entire unit saving valuable diagnostic and repair time.

In today's dynamic IT environment flexibility is vital, so naturally we offer maintenance contracts based on the customers particular requirements whether just hardware or software or more commonly both. The customer’s specific requirements are detailed in a comprehensive maintenance contract giving customer’s confidence that their IT system is fully supported. 

Please note that we also support and upgrade very old or obsolete hardware such as DEC Alpha on a contractual basis. Our warehouse has a large stock of service spares allowing us to continue supporting equipment that other vendors now refuse to cover. 

Support Services


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